A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is our first version of our upcoming game, Five Nights At Dancy's. This is just testing out the rooms and the launcher, because this is our first game! Hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Just download the file, extract it. If you have a mac, get derar and then open it. If you have a mac, then you also have to get WINE to open .exe files. If you have a Windows OS then just extract it with WinRAR, go into the folder and run the executable file (.EXE) Adjust your quality and resolution settings and click Launch. Enjoy!


Fnadv0.0.1.0.rar 54 MB


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Pretty cool, I think it needs a little bit more work, but com'on! It's still in development! :)

i havent tryed this yet but it seems good!

But it does look good.

Your just stuck in an empty room......

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